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Our company, www.faceofbusiness.co.nz is used primarily to help everyday people search for businesses within an area to suggest places the user would like to visit based on ratings and search results, related to specific searches by the user. Our goal is to get as many businesses on board with us, to help us grow, as well giving the clients the chance to be part of a growing business that is ready to peak with great new advertising initiative.

Face of Business is a Business Directory site setup by Ray Beal and Craig Thomas based in Christchuch, New Zealand, which is currently in the process of going through a relaunch with the endeavour to grow, not only nationwide, but worldwide. We specialise in helping all sized businesses, small or large to assist in getting their name out there to the general public, and assist in directing customers or clients to their door. One extra customer or client through your door, generally has immediate full return on investment, evidently creating a risk free investment.

This business directory is designed in a easy to use manner to self list your product or service without added hassles. However if you have time restraints please feel free to contact Bevan at accounts@faceofbusiness.co.nz with a narrative and photographs of your business or service you wish to list with us and he will be happy to complete the profile free of charge.

Searching for a Business
Searching for businesses is super easy, all you are required to do, is fill in the “Search For” and “Near” and you’re away! You will get all the results listed within that area. From here it is up to you which place you are willing to go to based on what you feel stands out above the rest and previous reviews by other users.

Listing a Business:
What does your business currently pay for advertising? Why have a website not promoted?
Face of Business prides itself on a $1+GST per week fee, which is paid annually, where as many similar sites will charge you upwards of $2000 per year for the exact same service we offer for a much cheaper price. Listing a business on this directory is super easy, anyone can do it! All you need to do, is create an account and select “Add a Business Now” and follow the prompts.

For the small cost of $1+GST per week, you receive the following:

  • Business Name

  • Business Logo

  • Business Description

  • Contact Information

  • Location Map

  • Choose Unlimited Categories to List your Business

  • Links Back to your Website

  • Links Back to your Social Media Page.

  • Photo Gallery

  • Keyword Tags for Refined Search

  • Personalised Face of Business Website Address

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