Points of Difference

Face of Business Main Points of Difference

Cost: Our service is designed to offer our clients everything they would possibly need to create a professional and organised listing on our directory for a low annual cost of $59.80 per year. At $1.15 per week, this is such a great value. Spending $1.15 per week, you receive a personalised listing tailored to what suits you.

Personalisation: A lot of times when you visit a business, you often don’t see the “face” behind it. However, often when clients can see the face behind the business, they see it is run by a real person and it has a more personal touch, which can make clients more comfortable in contacting you. This is why we call ourselves Face of Business; we want to get behind the face of your business, and give clients a personalised look into who you are and what your business does. Just because this is a main key focus, doesn’t make it mandatory. Clients of ours, are more than welcome not to add a picture of the face behind the business.

Easy to List: We understand it’s a busy world out there – because of that, we made listing with our directory simple and takes all of ten minutes to do once you have registered an account. There are also other ways to list with us: you can simply email bevan@faceofbusiness.co.nz with the details you want on your listing (narrative of your business and photos) and we can produce your listing for you at no extra charge. The third option, which is our most popular option, is to give us permission to view and use your website content. In all three of these options, you can easily log on and edit your own listing any way you want at any time – or we are happy to edit it for you too!

Free Event Listing: Anyone is able to create a new event around them – perhaps a function is happening at your place of business or in your area that you want people to know about. This is a service that we offer at no charge that anyone – not just our clients, can add to. This gives the viewers of our website the chance to see what is happening around them, as well as being able to view the businesses around them as well!

Facebook: We have an increasing number of followers and viewers on our Facebook page, which really helps our clients as we frequently share your listings to it! We also quite often have giveaways, many of which are sponsored by our wonderful clients. We have a continuously growing fan base, so not only will your listing be on our webpage, it will also be seen on Facebook.

New Zealand and Worldwide: Our directory is based both in New Zealand and worldwide. Our main clientele is currently based in Christchurch, New Zealand, where our offices are held, but our directory continues to expand more every day – watch this space!

Google Search Results: Our website is specifically designed to give our clients the best chance possible to be on page one of Google. We maximize our possibility of this with our in depth SEO software. We cannot guarantee that clients will necessarily achieve this, however list with us now to maximize your chances today!

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