Here there are three types of sorting namely Fine Sorting

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The dehulling process is of two types- ‘the wet and dry dehulling’. The dry method is not usual in industries as commercial plants want high output and quality. The wet dehulling gives exactly that.

Wet dehulling has 5 stages: soaking, dehulling, separation, cleaning and drying.
Soaking – the seeds sop up water and expand for peeling.

Dehulling – with soft friction and vertical alignment, the hull is removed.

Separation – done through classifier, gravity separator, the hull and seeds are separated depending on the separation theory of buoyancy.

Cleaning – the seeds are cleaned again with washers (washing and fine washing).
Drying – the product is then dried in a single chamber fluid bed where the seeds float in air (hot) and polishes by friction.

Here there are three types of sorting namely Fine Sorting, Magnetic Sorting and Color Sorting done by a single sorter machine. The machine uses optical sensing to detect foreign materials.

Fine sorting – the seeds are fined and sorted based on size.

Magnetic Sorting – the fined seeds go through a magnetic charge to relieve of any final metallic impurities.

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