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251 Campbell Road, Greenlane, Auckland
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SoundSkills is a specialist charity for children and adults with communication and/or learning difficulties associated with auditory processing problems. We are unique in having a multidisciplinary team of audiologists, education advisers, a speech-language therapist, and an autism adviser. Many of our child clients also have other developmental difficulties. SoundSkills offers diagnosis, treatment, management advice to schools, and referrals to other services when needed.

Our audiologists specialize in the assessment and management of auditory processing disorders in children and adults. Many of our clients have other conditions such as head injury, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or dyslexia. Our audiologists provide the following services:

-assessment and diagnosis of auditory processing difficulties/disorders
-assessment of hearing and listening problems associated with other conditions such as autism
-preparation of management plans
-auditory training
-amplification including Remote Microphone Hearing Aid systems and hearing aids with remote microphones
-referral to other services if needed.

Education Advisers:
Our Education Advisors specialize primarily in supporting students with auditory processing disorder (APD) in the classroom. Our Education Advisors work alongside students, parents, and caregivers, Learning Support Coordinators, Special Education Needs Coordinators, and teachers to provide:

-information on what APD is and how it affects the learner
-guidance on amplification systems for students with APD, including remote microphone hearing aid (RMHA) systems, and hearing aids with -accessory remote microphones
-advice and guidance on the use and management of amplification systems for APD
-RMHA funding advice

Our Speech-Language Therapist can provide assessment and therapy in the following areas:

-dyslexia/literacy difficulties
-phonological awareness
-language difficulties associated with APD
-sound discrimination difficulties
-speech sound disorders in older children.

For More Info:-

Autism Spectrum Disorder and APD

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